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Dinner in the Sky Malaysia

An extraordinary opportunity for you to inspire and impress your guests in the course of individual events. The amazing principle is unique in the world and will guarantee lasting memories for all participants. Enjoy this outstanding event high above the impressive view at the amazing sky line of Kuala Lumpur.

Unique experience

Enjoy an exclusive multi-course menu prepared by genuine experts. Bussiness conferences get a unique environment, while your birthday or the dream wedding will certainly go down in the personal annals of each participant. Dinner in the sky is a first class V.I.P. / hospitality experience geared towards any special event where ordinary doesn’t make the cut.

Lofty heights

A fun, high-flying way to experience fine dining and to catapult your adrenalin to never reached levels. Share this magical moments with your beloved, friends and business partners. As we strongly emphasize highest safety standards you will be able to enjoy this most unforgettable experience in your life without any worries.

More Information

More Information

Unforgettabel experience

World’s most extravant meals

Amazing thrills combined with culinary pleasure

Live cooking directly in front of the audience

Exclusive harmony magnificent view and delight

Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the sky is an award-winning and globally unique event platform, which gives you and a group of 22 people completely new prospects, feelings and experiences in a breath taking height of 50 metres!  ONLY available in Malaysia, in The Southeast Asian region!

Amazing adventure above the roof tops of Kuala Lumpur

Culinary excellence

Our professional team consisting of a top chef with his service staff will prepare gourmet dishes and serve them to you from the table center in an exclusive ambience.

Incredible view

The incredible feeling of freedom without boundaries and the breath taking view of Kuala Lumpur’s matchless sky line are experiences you will never forget in your life!

What our customers say

Awesome experience

Awesome view, excellent food and great people, this is a must if you like having a different experience. A totally unique experience with the DITS Malaysia. Me and my wife enjoyed every moment. What more, having a five star hotel meal with a rotating view where twin tower be your picture background. Worth it!

Corporate & Branding


Take your event to the next level with Events in the Sky. From product launches to sponsorship activation, we work closely with our clients to create customised unforgettable experiences for you to engage your key audiences.